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By accessing the Jokelben 2.0 server and downloading any content from the server, you agree to the following Terms of Use:

  • Any content downloaded from Jokelben or the FTP site SHOULD NOT be offered for resale in any format. This includes, but is not limited to, physical media including Optical Discs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray), flash drives, SD cards or similar flash media, hard drives or SSDs. This also includes mirror download sites that require any form of payment to access the downloads. While Jokelben can't be declared the "official source" of JB content, we believe it is the most complete and safest source to download the content.

  • The Jokelben links should not be offered for sale by any means. This can include auctions, paypal exchanges, or any other means of monetary exchanges for access to the links.

  • DO NOT purchase any shows that are posted on ebay or other auction or "for sale" sites. This just supports the seller's efforts of making a profit from content that was originally free of charge. JB has been streaming his shows on RM and more recently on Marg TV at no charge and they should always remain free. If anyone has a rare show that is not available on Jokelben and would like to freely share it in the true spirit of Parrotheads, please PM me here and we can arrange an upload.

  • Jokelben content may be shared freely with friends (for example, those who may not have good internet connectivity), as long as no money is exchanged for the share.

  • Concert videos downloaded from Jokelben should not be posted to youtube, vimeo, or any other media streaming site. It is the decision of Marg TV to offer these shows for on-demand streaming. While we cannot issue any takedown requests for posted videos, remember that it can attract the attention of Jimmy's legal eagles.

  • All individuals involved with the creation and maintenance of Jokelben have not received any payments for providing the shows. There have been offered payments for labor, server hosting, etc, but no such payments have been accepted. (There have been offers of beers and cheeseburgers, but those have not been collected yet)

  • The Terms of Use may be updated as needed.

The good thing is in any of its versions, Jokelben and the FTP sites have never received any takedown requests from JB's people. With that in mind and thinking of all the shoutout mentions BN has received on Radio Marg, we are sure Jimmy's people know that we offer the shows for download, both audio and now video. Let's keep our collection safe from any takedown threats and respect all that Jimmy and his people have allowed us to do for so many years.

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